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Parent & Carer Code of Conduct

At Stoughton Infant and Nursery School we are very fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents and carers. Parents and carers recognise that educating children is a process that involves partnership between the home and school, and understand the importance of good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for the next step of the education. For these reasons we welcome and encourage all parents and carers to participate fully in the life of our school.

The purpose of this guidance is to provide a reminder to all parents and carers to our school about the expected conduct. 


We encourage parents and carers to:

  • support the safeguarding of all children, reporting any concerns to the school’s DSL’s Rachael Pollard, Sarah Carrington or Claire Marrow via

  • understand that both teachers and parents need to work together for the benefit of their children

  • approach the school to resolve any issues or concerns about any aspect of school life to discuss and clarify specific events in order to bring about a positive solution, please see the concern pathway

  • support the nurturing ethos of our school by setting a good example in their own conduct towards all members of the school community

  • respect the school environment by looking after and returning any equipment that has been borrowed, for example, reading books

In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment the school cannot tolerate parents, carers and visitors exhibiting the following:

  • disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with the operation of the school.  These behaviours could include:

    • using offensive language

    • displaying anger

    • physical aggression

    • threatening harm

    • damaging property

    • sending offensive emails

    • posting offensive comments on social media

  • approaching someone else's child in order to discuss with them or to reprimand them because of their actions towards their own child

  • smoking and consumption of alcohol or other drugs on the school site

  • bringing dogs (except assistant dogs) or other animals being brought on to school premises, without prior authorisation


Should any of the above behaviours be exhibited on school premises, the school may feel it is appropriate to contact the authorities and if necessary  ban the adult from the school site.



We remind all parents and carers to park courteously in the local area and to not use the school carpark unless you are a disabled blue badge holder.

Raising a Concern

We encourage parents and carers to use the concern pathway, which is linked above.

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