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The Friends of Stoughton

Welcome to the Friends of Stoughton

Raising funds for the school through events and activities.


Who are we?

We are a group of parents who volunteer to help raise funds for Stoughton Infant and Nursery

School.  Our mission is to support our fantastic school and help to raise funds to help the school

provide our children with the best resources, equipment and experiences.

The Friends Chairman is  Jamie Hyman

The Friends Secretary is   Cat Morton

The Friends Treasurer is  Dana Sharma

We are also supported by a fantastic team of individuals associated with the school who are incredible and hard-working

event organisers, ideas people and bargain hunters!

We are looking for more help!  You can find us on:


Our main page for communicating event information is:

If you wish to join us as a Friends of Stoughton Organiser, please join our Facebook group:


What do we do?

We meet regularly each term at organisers houses/or venues to discuss and plan the fundraising events of the year and

how/what we can do to improve this. We allocate jobs for each member, whether it be onsite or at home behind the scenes.

Anything from helping at the Christmas tombola to sticking labels on smarties tubes at home in front of the TV.  Any help is


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