Year 2 Classes

 Welcome to Year 2


Our Year 2 is divided into 3 classes – Dolphins, Giraffes and Tigers.

                                 Dolphin Class is taught by Mr Vickery, assisted by Mrs Cavanuagh and Mrs Dlugokecka 




                                 Giraffe Class is taught by Mrs Craven and Mrs Mayson, assisted by Mrs Moseley, Mrs Thompson

                                 and Mrs  Neale





                                  Tiger Class is taught by Miss White, assisted by Mrs Scanlan and Mrs Gunner

Meet the Teacher Presentation 



Topics for Year 2

Autumn 1 – Pesky Pirates!                                                                              Autumn 2 – Celebrations and Commemorations

Spring 1 - Famous for More than Five Minutes                                           Spring 2 – Home from Home

Summer 1 – Castles                                                                                         Summer 2 – Roald Dahl


Summer Term


In Maths we are going to be: 

Consolidating pictorial and mental calculation strategies

Finding fractions of number

Developing problem solving strategies in: shape, measure, quantity and money

Continue to develop mental maths including times tables (2s, 5s, 10s, 3s)

In English we will be:

Further developing understanding of the grammar curriculum

Continuing to learn spelling rules and apply them in context

Learning and reciting poems

Experience the stories of Roald Dahl

Using known texts to create our own narratives


In Science we will be:

Learning about animals and their habitats

Learning about varieties of plants and what they need to grow including observation over time


We will visit a Castle

As part of our trip pupils will visit the Keep, Inner Gatehouse, Barbican, Armoury and Baron’s Hall. During the course of the tour each group will have a session in the Education Room, with a guide who will explain about life in a Medieval Castle. Pupils will be able to handle various artefacts including, clothes, weapons and armour and compare past from present lifestyles.

PEDALS - Cycle Training

The children in Giraffe class took part in a Surrey County Council scheme called Travel Smart in Surrey, this week.


Pedals is a practical road safety awareness course for pupils aged 5-7 in Years 1 or 2 at school. This is the age group for whom the road safety learning concept of 'stop look listen' is generally considered appropriate.

Pupils can participate on their bikes, even if they have tricycles, stabilizers, on their scooters, or on foot. The course lasts one hour. The aim is that by the end of the course trainees will be able to:

  • Achieve some of the simpler Level 1 outcomes – start, pedal and stop.

  • Explain how wearing a tabard and helmet can improve their safety.

  • Stop, look and listen before crossing the road in a simulated traffic environment.


All trainees receive a certificate of participation.


For more information click on the link below: