Year 2 Curriculum

All three classes plan Literacy and Foundation subjects together, using the National Curriculum to deliver fun and exciting lessons.  


The children in Year 2 follow Letters and Sounds to develop their phonic knowledge. We use a variety of published reading scheme books which are grouped into ability bands. The reading schemes include Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, Oxford Literacy Web and Project X.

In Year 2 we encourage the children to be more independent – coming into school by themselves, carrying their own bags, bringing in their reading books and passing on their own messages.  Please could you support us in developing these important skills.

Homework in Year 2 consists of reading, spelling and comprehension activities, set through Purple Mash to do's.  Reading books are changed regularly and your child may bring home a comprehension task to complete about the book they have read. This helps them to think carefully about the content of the book and is also useful in learning the skills of skimming and scanning for specific information, as well as forming answers in full sentences.  Although it is important to read their school book, children are encouraged to choose and read a wider variety of texts to enrich their learning, development and love of reading.

Year 2 Planning Overview

End of Year 2 Expectations for Literacy

End of Year 2 Expectations for Maths

End of Year 2 Expectations for Science

End of Year 2 Expectations in Computing

End of Year 2 Expectations for Other Subjects

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PHSE) Curriculum

Year 2 Meet the Teacher Slideshow 


Suggested Website to help support your child in the learning of maths and literacy skills at home

(Hit The Button – mental maths skills)


Young Apprentice Week 

The Young Apprentice Week has been mentioned above and teaches children to take responsibility, work hard to create a reward, undertake market research (what sells well and how can we maximise profits?), keep accounts balance the books and decide what to buy with their earnings.  We also have a Young Apprentice week each year when the children work in groups of 6 to choose a charity to support and raise funds for it.  They have to work as a team, using their individual skills to best effect.  £10 is given to each group which then generates a fund raising activity and plans what equipment and actions are needed.  The activity is designed, trialled and advertised.                                           


Every piece of paper, writing implement and equipment has to be purchased by the group who keeps a total of what is spent and raised so that they can calculate the profit left for the charity.  When everyone is organised the activities are set up in the playground after school and hundreds of pounds have been raised and sent to a range of charities.     


Through this the children are applying maths (calculating costs, subtracting costs from gross profits, adding and multiplying different amounts of money), using written English to write letters, learning presentation skills (by designing and presenting the advertising for their stall – verbally and in poster form), learning to work in a team and value each person’s gifts. They also begin to understand the needs of others through learning about the charities they support.