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Reception Classes




Panda class is taught by Mrs Horton and supported by Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Kerslake



Kangaroo Class is taught by Mrs Selmes and Mrs Chapman and supported by Mrs Hutton



Zebra class is taught by Miss Warren and supported by Mrs Loveday and Mrs Kerslake                                           

During Lockdown

Lots of wonderful learning took place at home and in school during lockdown.  

St Andrew's Day 

On November 30th we celebrated St Andrews's Day, Scotland's national day. We read a book called 'There was a wee lassie', we made kilts, listened to Scottish music, made Scottish thistles, baked and tasted short bread.

Bonfire Night
We spent a week learning about Bonfire Night. We shared the story of Guy Fawkes, made fireworks using a range of media, created firework dance moves in P.E and wrote some firework sounds. 


We celebrated Harvest in Reception by sharing the book 'The Little Red Hen. We attended a whole school assembly, made our own bread and explored what could be found inside fruit and vegetables. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 22.15.48.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 06.44.20.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 22.18.01.png

St Patrick's Day 

St Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland and by Irish people throughout the world on 17th March. It's a day to celebrate the death of St. Patrick, who died a long, long time ago.

In Reception we learnt all about Ireland and it's customs and traditions. We made leprechauns, build treasure pots to help the leprechauns look after their treasure, we made Irish flags, collaged shamrocks and tried our hand at Irish dancing.

St David's Day 

St David's Day is celebrated in Wales and by Welsh people throughout the world on 1st March. in Reception Miss Davies taught us about St David's Day and Wales. We made Daffodils, painted dragons, played Welsh puzzles, looked at Welsh books and made Welsh flags. We even learned the song ' I can sing a rainbow' in Welsh. 


Photos of the following topics:

The Little Red Hen


Bonfire Night

The Gruffalo

Remembrance Day



The Gingerbread Man

The Three Little Pigs

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