Early Years Foundation Stage


The Nursery and Reception classes use the QCA Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage as a basis for their planning which is organised with creativity and imagination.  Each half term a different topic is used to teach knowledge and skills through a range of exciting and interactive activities. Each week’s learning objectives are also taught in our role play and outside areas.  For instance, during a topic on Fairy Tales, the Wendy House was turned into The Three Bears House or for the “Around the World” topic the Quad was turned into an Airport with a ticket office, departure lounge, runway, mechanics, planes and passports.

 In the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) we have a free-flow situation where children can choose from a wide selection of carefully designed activities which promote learning.  


These may be either inside or in our secure and secluded outside classrooms where sandpits, water, play, painting, bikes and other vehicles are available.  Teachers and Teaching Assistants call children individually and in groups to do directed learning aligned to the Early Years curriculum.

Starting School

We hope we help your child to have a smooth transition to school by organising a parent's evening in the preceding summer term with morning visits for the children to the classroom.


Starting school for the first time can be quite an ordeal for some children, particularly if they have not attended our nursery class.  You can help your child by talking positively about school and some of the things he/she will be doing here – painting, cutting and sticking, playing games, doing jigsaws, looking at books, gardening, cooking, building with construction toys – these are all typical learning activities in our classroom.  It is also helpful if your child can dress and undress him/herself fasten shoes and use a knife and fork correctly.  Ability in these skills greatly adds to a child’s confidence at school. 


Please do not worry too much if your child only ever talks about all the playing they do at school.  Our curriculum has been designed as a play-based curriculum and very effectively provides an exciting, stimulating environment which gives children a love of learning.  Educational research supports this method and there is an educational basis in all that we do.  The progress of each child is measured and Ofsted has judged it to be outstanding.

End of Reception Expectations 

What Our Parents Say

“We feel our daughter’s progress during her first year at Stoughton has been excellent.”


“She had come on superbly with her writing and is very confident with letters and sounds.  She is always wanting to write which we feel reflects the enthusiastic way in which she’s been taught.  Her knowledge generally has increased hugely and she is keen to talk about what she has learned.”


“I am grateful for the fantastic start that she has been given. This truly is a wonderful

school in many ways. Thank you for all you do”


“The exceptional days and special events are fantastic. The children have loved and looked forward to them and we feel they truly enhance learning and make school fun, while also being educational”


“My child has loved coming to school so much because the school has succeeded in making learning such fun”


“Thank you for all the effort and interest you have invested in my daughter. We are lucky at Stoughton to have such fantastic staff”


“I never have to worry about my child while he is at school. If I have a problem I know I can talk to you about