Bees - COIN Centre

Nursery COIN (Communication & Interaction) Centre

Bees’ class is a Communication and Interaction Centre (COIN) which caters for 7 children of nursery age who have significant speech, language and/or communication needs. The children attend the Centre every week day, 9am - 12pm, for the academic year prior to starting Reception.  Allocation of places is decided by a professional panel which is held in the summer term.

Our Centre is led by a specialist Teacher and Speech and Language Teaching Assistant. They work closely with the in-house Speech and Language Therapist, who actively supports the Centre two mornings per week. The Centre has strong links with Stoughton’s mainstream Nursery.

The Centre provides early intervention to develop the children’s speech, language and communication skills through structured, individual and small group activities. Each morning, ‘Bees’ join the mainstream Nursery (’Ladybirds’) for a free-play session. Here they are welcomed to socialise with a larger group and explore assorted toys / activities indoors and outdoors. The children also have access to whole school facilities –

e.g. the school hall for P.E, a kitchen for cooking and the inspiring school grounds.

Bees classroom is located within the main school building. It is bright and airy and has designated areas to help support the development of skills as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We follow a varied topic-based approach often inspired by the children’s interests and calendar events/ special occasions.  We aim to make the children’s experience happy, active, fun and secure, whilst supporting each child’s individual needs, development and care.      

Bees 20
Tues 14th March 093
Tues 14th March 079
Thurs 23rd 137
Thurs 24th Nov 045
Fri 11th Nov 19
Friday 24th Feb 122
Friday 30th Seopt 028
Fri 25th Nov 035
Mon 27th 005
Thurs 9th Mar 061
Thurs 17th Nov 005
Thurs 17th Nov 028
Bees Jan,feb 173
Bees Jan,feb 013
Bees Jan,feb 237
Bees Jan,feb 275

One Snowy Night, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Stick Man


We read these popular stories and having fun with a variety of related activities.

We shall also be celebrating Chinese New Year and exploring the child initiated theme of ‘Dinosaurs’!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Some General Notes for Parents

Car park - Please remember not to use the staff car park at any time, we have a large number of staff at school working many different hours needing access to park their cars.

Outside play – the children are able to access the outside area every day, please send them with a coat every day as they can get upset if they are unable to go out.

PE Day – Monday for AM children & Friday for PM children. The children will take part in a short warm up routine, an activity and a short cool down to finish. Children don’t need a P E kit. They are required to remove their socks and shoes. It would help if the children wear shoes that they can put on and take off themselves. Girls – it would help greatly if girls wear socks and not tights.

Holidays - Should you need to take your child out of nursery for a family holiday please either ask one of the nursery team for a holiday form.  Forms are also available to download on this web site.

After/before sessions - When collecting your child from nursery please do not let them or older children play on nursery toys or climbing equipment.

Forest School - The nursery children are now able to take part in the Forest School program. This involves spending an afternoon/morning outside, taking part in activities and learning in the natural environment.